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Computer says: Stop using MacWrite II, human!

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Literally ten minutes ago I was commiserating with a college at a client of ours who is still running into little problems from his predecessor (who was fired a bit less than a year ago).

The conversation started wondering why he'd bought a fully-managed 100Mbs switch, to connect some desktops, when a cheap, unmanaged Gbs switch worked much better, but we swiftly moved on to the most puzzling recent discovery.

On all the machines he'd installed (mainly Win 8 desktops with 2-4GB of RAM) he'd set the pagefile, manually, to thirty gig.

What form of general office work did he anticipate would use the entire two gig of memory, and then proceed to chew up more than twenty gig of virtual mem? When you've cheaped out and bought machines with eighty gig harddrives, this starts to get slightly restrictive.

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