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Yep, Mr Cartwright and I know EXACTLY which university that was as I was one of the students when you were there, though I am definitely innocent of any attempt to install MacWrite!

I do remember that both the Macs and PCs both used compatible* versions of MS Word. Compatible that is until you attempted to edit a document on one that had been created on the other - formatting almost inevitably went completely out the window, quite alarming when coursework was due and there was a scarcity of available machines with the "correct" architecture!

*Obviously, this was a completely new meaning of "compatible" that Microsoft had cunningly devised.

Another thing I remember from those days was that there was a lab set up with a bunch of dual-floppy-capable Macs (possibly IIfx) but they only had one actual floppy drive installed. After a short while you and your colleagues had to go around taping over the unused 2nd floppy disk drive hole because students had a habit of thinking there really was a floppy drive in there. The rewarding clunk of a floppy hitting the motherboard a few inches below would result in one of you having to pull the case apart to rescue said floppy.

Fun times!

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