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My next machine will be a desktop.

I want a main board capable of supporting at least 32GiB of RAM, a quad core CPU that runs at least 3GHz, a dedicated Gigabit LAN port, and enough room for a fat SSD.

Right now if I want that in a laptop then I'm going to pay through the nose, but if I want that as a desktop then the manufacturers will nearly fall all over themselves to make the sale.

I can get more bang for my buck through a desktop, can increase the warranty period to greater than a mere year with the money I save versus getting a laptop, and can expect the machine to still be running long after said warranty expires.

In order to get a laptop that'll last as long I've got to go the Thinkpad route, & Lenovo seems intent on charging a pretty penny for the "honour" of getting my hands on one.

Screw that.

I want something with specs that will maul whatever I throw at it, Gigabit LAN so I can connect to the network without paying for a dongle to replace a function they've eliminated under the guise of "thin & light", and don't want to pay an arm, leg, tentacle, nor First Bourn Child to acquire.

Is it _really_ so difficult to understand that I want a machine that Just Works, lets me Get Shit Done, & doesn't get in the way?

Because I'll be buying said desktop as one *WITHOUT* any Windows on it Thankyouverymuch, I'll purchase it through one of the vendors that will put some form of *Nix on it, configure it so it Works Out Of The Box, & doesn't piss me off like my current Windows machine.

I don't want to spend the first part of my morning (each & every bloody morning) checking Windows Update for the latest disguised scumware-cum-security-patch, I don't want to waste my time on an OS that keeps thinking it can do whatever the hell it likes with MY computer, and I want a machine that doesn't phone home every time I blink or (not) look at it funny.

So those analysts may have gotten something right for a change: desktops might decline because Win10 runs on older hardware, but I no longer care.

I'll still buy a desktop, it just won't come with Windows on it.

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