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I miss those simple programs

All those neat little pieces of software, MacWrite, MacDraw, MacPaint, and later ClarisWorks, bring back fond memories of endless reboots because of corrupt fonts, interfering libraries, conflicting extensions and random stalling when you tried to paste too much formatted text.

Oh and of having simple, consistent tools for just about any basic task, instead of having to fire up some behemoth of an application suite that needs to update itself at every launch, just to rotate an image or type some text.

In the day, if you bought a Mac, usually at least some of the programs would be included as a promotion, and since there was indeed no copy protection or registration just about anybody with a Mac would have at least some of the "MacApps" installed. I don't think Apple ever really cared, they made their money selling hardware, and the programs were a bit of a showcase/teaser to get people started, and as examples of "this is what Macintosh software is supposed to be about".

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