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Huawei, DataCore fire torpedoes into SPC-1 storage box benchmarks

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Anonymous Coward

This isn't about the usual putting a best foot forward and gaming the benchmark in your favor, this is making a mockery of the whole process.

The DataCore numbers look great on paper but what isn't obvious is that it included single points of failure throughout, the only pretense made to redundancy was to provide mirroring of the data disks on that single node (not other disks) since SPC mandates some form of raid protection for those.

It's effectively a single controller direct attached result with no semblance of high availability and therefore not even close to a real world configuration. No one else is submitting such configurations to SPC so the only fair comparison DataCore can make is with themselves.

Add all the missing bits and suddenly the cost doubles, latency rises and the IOps tank, I'm very surprised it was even accepted in its current form. Run the test with the missing bits and we can then compare, but I suspect we'll have a long wait.

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