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Hype? Not really. Nice side effects on other workloads

Of course manufacturers try to push their gear as much as they can. But, as others said before, Flash prices keep falling, and new development will only accelerate that effect, which is great, for general workloads and increasingly consumers, too. I mean, unlike other hyped areas, hardware means actual innovation, not just bullshitting.

For example I just replaced my main work PC, which now sports a 512GB Samsung 950 Pro (NVMe on PCIe x4). It's a beast with north of 2GB/sec throughput! Applications don't noticably load any more... it's ridiculous how fast it is.

Data is kept on a RAID-1 pair of 1TB Samsung 850 Pro (SSD, SATA3), which still shifts several hundreds of MB/sec. More than enough, if I'm honest! (I just couldn't resist trying NVMe)

Sure SSDs of any shape or form are still more expensive than your average 4TB spinning rust, but the massive performance is well worth it already, which in turn may safe costs for bigger workloads where latency matters, as has been pointed out by others.

Look back a few years (not very far actually): It wasn't technically possible, and when it became possible, it wasn't affordable. I prefer hardware manufacturers pushing (and selling) their extreme gear, including the hypes they try to create, over any other software-based hype (Cloud, Docker, Devops/CI, I'm looking at you... it's just new labels on old ideas there).

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