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HTC Galaxy One M10

Oh for crying out loud... Samsung are bad enough with their totally-not-an-iPhone-copy Galaxy handsets but this is basically a Samsung Galaxy design on the front. Why such a pronounced button / fingerprint scanner? Are you telling me it couldn't be more subtle and still work? I find that very hard to believe. I used to be a big HTC fan but this just makes me want to avoid them even more than I have been.

This isn't just a case of "mostly display, few buttons and looks similar" it looks almost identical to the Galaxy from the front. It's frustrating because from the specs it looks to finally have a good (Sony) camera part and that's always been the weakest part of HTC phones. For clarity I hate Apple, don't care about Samsung and liked HTC a lot. This is just stupid and I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung were looking at this carefully.

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