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I wouldn't say that you are an imposter at all. Just someone with that higher consciousness thing I was talking about, working it out for himself. The vast majority of people never contemplate infinity. Some might contemplate the distance to the sun. You at least have to try to go deep before you can dredge up some of the deeper truths of life.

You just had a glimpse of the scale of it all, that's all. Many don't. Many don't try.

This stuff gets filed under common sense after a while and you move on.

Not only is there not enough time to become an expert on everything, there is not enough time to even know what exists or what you might like or what you might be good at, before even studying it, let alone getting to expert level. Most subjects are probably limited by one's overall aptitude. If you became an expert in maths you might easily become an expert as a musician, but could you become an expert in gardening? What is maths? What is a musician. What is gardening? What are their specific components? Would you be better suited or happier studying one of their core parts?

I've actually got to a level where I have several serious interests, but apart from one maybe, I'm pretty average at all of them. Unfortunately I've managed to become clever enough to realise how stupid I am. But it's good to know your limitations. One of yours is 'time', as it is for most people. But even then, some people place more importance on it than others. Many don't even know what it is. Some don't even know it exists. We are all limited by time.

A human lifetime is but a blink of an eye.

My limitation is intelligence. I do ok overall, even with my limitations, but I have what I call 'black holes' in my understanding of certain concepts, and I've just not been able to grasp them at all. I'd be happy to pay a tutor to come along and explain things to me.

In fact I was thinking of this earlier today (yesterday) about the time:money exchange, but who doesn't at some point. Time and money are abstract concepts so it might not be so straightforward as you think it is.

I'm rambling now.

File under 'pseud's corner'.

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