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Machismo is ruining the tech industry for all of us. Equally

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Why am I writing all this and how does it correspond to the article?

Well, I had to get an angle on what the article was about, thinking it another 'gender war clickbait' thing by a SJW. Then I saw it was by the good Dr. Potts. So I've given it some serious consideration.

I'm not sure what this 'machismo' is of which he speaks, unless he was talking about mad bad stevie boy ballmer. Yup, there's machismo for ya. And other things you put up your nose. Plus rampant ego inflation gone wild. Ballmer, in fact, is a prime example of a very intelligent man, if not intellectual, who is most certainly not from the 'higher consciousness' camp. I think, most of us here would agree on that.

So, apart from Ballmer, this 'machismo' thing, I take to be 'macho programming' like druggies do 'macho bonging' - not necessarily a male chauvinist thing per se, but yes, from the lower orders of fear, ignorance and whatnot, no matter what your company status or IQ ranking. I think what he is also saying is that if there were a little less of this typically male attitude, then the workplace would be a much better happier, and productive place. I agree. That goes across the board. So that is why I didn't take this as a wholly gender war type piece.

Now would be a good time to make a joke for some levity, if not brevity, about how men hate to ask for directions. Boys and Girls laugh at that one, because of the kernel of truth. So that is what I think Trevor is saying. But I might have got that totally wrong. I actually have serious comprehension problems sometimes. Hopefully not now.

Of course the workplace would be better with capable women in it. Most of us who have studied computing and programming know of the great contribution made by women. I will be eternally grateful to all the lovely (oops sex pest ALERT! CRB CHECK ON AISLE 6, REPEAT CRB CHECK ON AISLE 6!) ladies who manually typed in the 0s and 1s for the on die instruction sets that power the basic mathematical functions such as subtraction and addition (multiplication would have been too hard for them so one of the lads did that one on his tea break), that power modern day CPUs still to this day, for example.

Not a job you want to get wrong, and one that has zero tolerance for mistakes. Hopefully we don't find out in the future that one of the tarts got a 0 or a 1 in the wrong place and not only have we been doing it wrong all these years, but civilization will end when it triggers the nuclear apocalypse. All because one dozy mare wasn't paying attention and was doing her bloody nails at the same time!

The last bit was a joke. It might have even been funny. It might be more funny to males, or it might be more funny to females, I don't know. But I made it (in whatever kind of taste it was) to prove a point. We have gone from true blatant sexism in the workplace, to radical feminist political correctness, without stopping, or collecting 200... no middle ground. One day it was sticking your fingers up the secretary's skirt, to being sued for sexual harrassment because the boss said 'lovely time of year for it'.

One wasn't a very nice place to be, especially if you were a woman or a sensitive male such as myself. But the other is an insufferable dystopia that will end in floods of tears.

I used to cringe when I worked on a building site. The builders would do that catcalling and insulting thing when in a group to other vulnerable females on the street. They never did it to a woman with a six foot six athletic and thuggish looking black man next to them though. Funny that. Jesus, did I just add racial stereotyping to my list of deep faults? I hated it, but I could do nothing about it. If I had said anything, then I would have been in trouble.

Let me just finish this by saying, I worked quite a bit on building sites as I was funding my way to 30,000 quids worth of debt for a degree I was a module short of a first for. Close but no cigar, and plenty of debt, with no prospects of ever getting a job. I hated it, but I did it because I had to and had no other choice. The building trade is indeed a true macho culture.

I was abused nearly every day for the most part. Fights were common, but only with those you had a chance with, usually just frustrations between low level workers. For the most part I could not fight back - the men were too vicious, they were in gangs and had numbers on their side, and they relished violence with quite a few being football hooligans too. They hated women, and they hated black people. They called women 'cunts', they called black people 'niggers'. I had a black girlfriend at the time and pulled one bloke up about it, because it was just me and him - fair fight. But I could not have done that with they typical cockney lad humiliation I faced. It was terrible and I had no recourse. So I know how women feel, sorry, and I know how black people feel, sorry, I just do.

I would spend my day working out how I was going to kill certain people. There was one 6 foot 8 inch Irishman who I decided I would take out with a shovel - chop his head off! There was one painter who I decided I would find out where he lived and kill him and his family. Just the sort of stuff that goes through your mind in an average day at work. That is machismo.

Having said all that, it wasn't as bad as working in a factory full of women. I was touched up, humiliated, verbally abused. And all in the name of 'taking a joke, love, don't be so stuck-up'. I honestly know what it is like. Dark days, perpetrated against me by both males and females.

It's a shame we have this government coordinated gender war at the moment. Radical feminism has pushed me further to the right. I read the Telegraph now, and no longer entertain the Guardian. I don't believe in left/right paradigms anyway, as most 'conscious' people see through that one as well. But it's useful to paint a picture or to communicate sometimes.

It truly pains me to see the sheer hatred of men by some women, and the sheer hatred of women by some men. But hate they must. That is what lower consciousness people do. No matter how clever. No matter how stupid. No matter their gender. No matter their age. No matter their 'class'. No matter their 'race'. The world is just a big stirred up mass of seething hatred, with fingers pointing so hard at others, that we are poking each other's eyes out, and it is making us ALL blind.

That last paragraph sums up all I wanted to say to start with (got there eventually), so I'll just leave it there.


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