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Pluralistic Ignorance

With very few exceptions, all those executives, architects, thought influences and other "important people" I have talked to over the years feel the exact same way.

So everyone knows it's shit but everyone is still playing along?

From "Your Code as a Crime Scene" (recommended reading for coders and testers)

What just happened in our fictional example is that you fell prey to pluralistic ignorance. Pluralistic ignorance happens in situations where everyone privately rejects a norm but thinks that everyone else in the group supports it. Over time, pluralistic ignorance can lead to situations where a group follows rules that all of its members reject in private. We fall in this social trap when we conclude that the behavior of our peers depends on beliefs that are different from our own, even if we behave in an identical way ourselves. That’s what happened around Andersen’s naked emperor. Because everyone praised the emperor’s new clothes, each individual thought they missed something obvious. That’s why they chose to conform to the group behavior and play along with the praise of the wonderful clothes they couldn’t see.

I always felt the "tech machismo" was a leftover from 80's continental-style schooling (the Bismarckian style) where collaborative work was not only shunned but actively suppressed by teaching personnel and everyone had to "swim or drown on your own". 'twas better at uni but by then the damage had been done.

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