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Is this getting worse with time

The cardinal sin of tech is to not know something that someone else knows. More than any other profession, techies do not tolerate a lack of knowledge.

It wasn't always this bad. When I were a lad... some 25 years ago, it was still a very difficult thing to admit that one might not know something, but - and perhaps it was the environment - a person would not get slammed for doing so. The older guys that I worked with would take the time to explain it.

Now - if one turned around in 3, 6, 9 weeks time after that and still didn't know it then you were advised to get to grips with it very quickly. And trying to bluff - that was fatal, especially if it was something that should have been known and mastered.

Rather unfortunately, taking it on-line only allows those with ego to shout "Look at ME and how much I know" so much more easily. That may be why so many of us tend not to go to certain fora all that often.

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