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READ-ONLY Bank-Account?

*-- Some banks still use national ID numbers as usernames! Others use case insensitive challenge questions that can be pwned via Facebook. Knowing this...

*-- How many banks offer 'Outside Transfers' that permit external accounts to be set-up in 2-mins using the same session? Some require 2FA, but that can be pwned thanks to 'IoT class' phone security!

*-- External transfers aren't needed by everyone, so shouldn't this require a burdensome paper-trail process, or in-branch face-to-face time to set up....?

* -- When travelling how about read-only account access? Or visibility restricted to one account for credit card monitoring etc. To pay utilities, how about a cap that limits a/c number changes and caps outgoing payments to 50-100 USD a month....

*-- Then if accounts are hacked / hijacked, it will mostly be read-only, mostly leak basic info only, and have a damage limiter...

*-- But this is not what the banks want! They want 'feature rich' online-banking, so that they can sh1tcan more branches, downsize more offices!

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