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Milan Pharmacy

I just visited a (random) chemists shop in central Milan, Italy, (just round the corner from Da Vinci's Last Supper)

It had 3 pleasant lab coated pharmacy grads on the shop counter, but behind them the entire stock handling was two ginormous lego/meccano industrial robots - each whooshing up and down their 5 meter long by 3 metre high (x two sides L & R) stock area. They laser scanned the bar-code and delivered, more often than not slightly the *wrong* product to a small letter-box out in the safe/people side of the chemists'

it were awesome! OK, the robots were totally useless, the two maintenance techies present had lappies & test-equipment all over trying to diagnose the fails. But in 6 months it will work. In a year there will only be 1 pleasant pharma grad, somewhere in the building & the Milanese will be directly paying(or giving their 'NHS equivalent ticket') to another robot and getting the meds. In 2 years the techies will be a VPN to india, remote diagnosis. In a decade. . .?

fill yer Boots?

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