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Likewise. I will - occasionally - turn off my ad-blocker, and usually Ghostery as well, when I find an article I really want to read, and if that supports a genuine content provider I don't have a problem with that. It does take a few moments to do, and of course it all has to be turned back on afterwards, but I can live with that for good content.

Where I take issue is with the sheer junk content of most advertising. I'm no Einstein, but it is so blatantly obvious that most of the stuff out there is fake or at best highly dubious, even when it is not outright malware. And it sucks up my bandwith. Advertisers complain that I have no "right" to steal their expensively created "content", but also believe as an article of faith that they can treat my paid-for bandwidth as a free good. IT IS NOT! Ad-blocking helps me control my costs, and until the advertisers put their house in order, adverts will stay blocked.

Have an up vote from me, Graham.

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