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"But some of the ads have become SO intrusive I just loaded a blocker. And yes, I have the self-playing videos as well. It's MY data stream damn it! You can f*cking well ASK my permission before playing."

This, really.

I'm not miltantly anti-ad on principle: it's the experience that results from allowing ads, rather than the ads themselves, that provoke me to block them (I've been blocking them waaaay before it became A Thing - anyone else remember Siemens' "WebWasher? I was running that in 2000).

With bandwidth no longer being an issue, I'd happily accept some ads - but until they're delivered more unobtrusively, and are better targeted (I don't really mind Google's servings - they're usually on point, but I don't give a flying fark about pensions advice some random US pensions broker when I'm in the UK and nowhere near retiring), ad-blocking it will have to be.

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