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More and more Brits are using ad-blockers, says survey


I use Tor anonymous browsing and fully unfilter-bubbled searches, Firefox for other browsing, and Safari for specific sites that disallow Tor or can't get past the Firefox safeguards below.

After reading some of the posts here (well, all of them) I took a look in my FireFox Add-Ons to see what I have there to block ads. I was surprised to see quite a collection of add-ons that I've collected over the years. Might be some overlap - need to prune: Click-per-pay element, Clickjacking Reveal, Disconnect, Facebook Disconnect, FlashOnOff (always off), Google Disconnect, HTTP Nowhere, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, PrivacyBadger, and ShareMeNot. I also run Cookie, which is set to remove any type of cookies, flash stuff, browser databases, and clear cache of all browsers.

All browsers are set to remove all browsing history, cookies, etc when they close and when browsing I frequently hit Cookie to clear everything out when going to more than one site during a browsing session.

I don't have an ad blocker (yet) on my desktop because I don't like sending my browser choices to an external site for filtering. If anyone has a suggestion for an ad blocker like 1Blocker (below) please let me know.

I use 1Blocker on my phone because it sends me a list of ads to block and it doesn't send any info to an outside web site. Funny, I can't decide which ads to block on my phone so I just chose the "block all" button and haven't thought about it since.

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