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I suspect the reason behind unwillingness to put up paywalls is that the revenue stream can be counted, but the would-be punters are anybody's guess. Or, worse perhaps, by the most favourable surveys, the monies brought in by the (future) paying users, would come nowhere close to the money (already) steadily coming in - from the ads. Or, to make it equal, the subscription would need to go way, way up, at which point, the numbers of those willing to pay would shrink dramatically...

Basically, it's about greed (and I don't blame anyone for that sin, I'm as greedy as the worst adman, banker, or politician), but it's going to be very, very gard for anyone to let go of a certain revenue (no matter stable or dwindling due to ad-blocking), versus venturing out into the unknown, where the only guarantee is a much, much lower revenue stream. But hey, who started that spiral into the "free" with the F... asterix behind it? Let them come up with a solution to save their revenue stream.

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