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There's a couple of sites I do, they are however not only useful sites to me but also do not have stupid flashing adverts, self playing videos, and the content/advert ratio means I still feel like I am reading a site rather than a glossy spread.

I do not really mind advertising, I have learnt to ignore it to some degree and so can live with it when its OK. However tracking me, commercialising me and my data, epilepsy inducing flashing things, fecking pop up windows that wander across the screen (el reg..seriously considering the site, considering it's readership, how? I mean really how did you think it was going to end up?), and all the other things advertisers think we actually want as part of our advertisig experience. Have caused me to go for the software option of nuke every ad on every site I can out of habit.

It was the advertising companies fault they are the ones who wanted to play the big boys and be twats about it.

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