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"(sorry if i missed that you were being sarcastic)"

I thought the "above all, cash," would be a giveaway given how much money Intel has to burn, especially given their success rate when burning it.

Not to worry, you've clearly got the message anyway.

Raspberry Pi has a great deal going for it in various ways, but there's room for Arduino too (subject to silly trademark malarkey) and BeagleThis and BananaThat and AllWinner Whatever in various corners of the increasingly important non-Windows market.

"Many microcontroller implementations do not need an OS, just need to run the software specifically for the job. Keep it simple - less issues."

Wise words. Not necessarily fashionable, but wise. Someone was trying to convince me the other day that (Intel funded) GE Predix was the way forward for factories and automation and such in the IoT world. Er right. Might suit some subset, but not the panacea being claimed.

"There is competition, just that Intel aren't competitive."

Exactly. Here's the Edison you mention. NB the comments are as valuable as the article:

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