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Re: Can it run Windows 10 IOT? @TheVogon

> Lots of people like me would

But then 'people like you' are Microsoft shills.

> Surface RT tablets, which ran a version of Windows 8.

Windows RT is hardly "a full version of Windows", it is the Windows that doesn't run Windows programs.

> (Windows IOT and associated tools are free to use).

Not really, a requirement is a full Windows 10 PC. Where would I get one of those for free.

> Above all it gives you more choice versus other development options.

It may be another choice, but it doesn't give "more choice". It is 'Universal' (Windows 10 only) UWP, and Azure. ie it is restricted compared to "other development options". It also doesn't access all the Pi features.

Also Win10IoT is only on Pi2 and Pi3. There is no deployment option of the cheaper Pi1 or PiZero, or the Compute module, or many Pi-clones or Pi-alikes. So again that is many less options.

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