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Phorm suspends its shares from trading amid funding scrabble

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Kent Ertugrul, ex CEO:

Let me google that for you:

"Phorm (AIM: PHRM), a leading internet personalisation technology company, announces certain changes to the board of directors of Phorm (the “Board”) and senior management of the Company, to position it to take advantage of the opportunities which have recently opened up in the US market. As part of the changes, Kent Ertugrul, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman, based in Singapore, and Andy Croxson, Chief Financial Officer, based in London, have stepped down from their respective roles effective immediately. Mr Ertugrul and Mr Croxson will be pursuing their other business interests but remain strongly supportive of the Company’s continued progress. The Company is currently in the process of appointing Mr Timothy Todd Smith to the Board as Chief Executive Officer. [...]" 15 Jul 2015

New CEO:

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