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In all probability, had this happened in a police type state, with a paranoid, corrupt and evil grubbyment, the reason would have been that either the real instigators of the data grab fraud were in fact said grubbyment or that they saw all the side advantages to their soiled selves if they gave the old nudge nudge wink wink to their pet pocket dwelling telco.

Hence when the inevitable unforseable happened and the s**t hit the fan, there would have been hell of a lot of arse covering to do, or the truth might just have come out in court and some one's 3 figure bmi (thanks, Simon) posterior might have got publicly got spanked in said court....

Hence, DEFINITELY "not be in the public interest".

However, this was in the UK, where all the politicos and corporations are so well known for their honesty and integrity, so it's obviously a complete mystery how and why it all happened.

Isn't it? Honestly?

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