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Isn't this the expected outcome of...

Isn't this the expected outcome of all the accumulated breaches of personal information over the past few years? Any given set of "are you the person you say you are" questions will likely have answers "out there on the netz". The IRS set up a front-end that checked for "is it you" stupidly, and then they gave out even more personal information.

There is no set of online questions that is proof against the aggregated 'private' information 'stolen' from all the idiot corporate/government databases. I say 'none', ever, because if the IRS should now add requiring your grandmother's blood type and shoe size, they would store that somewhere, it would get lifted sometime, and rinse-repeat...

Can we at least give up on "the security of your private information is important to us" vs. the far simpler "we lost your shit, so we lost the company and our jobs, and yes your shit is for sale but our names are on the free publicly accessible wall-of-shame site" ?

BTW: Is really available? Damn!

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