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Europe is spaffing €20bn on handouts for tech


>Cultural industries, particularly in smaller EU members, have warned this will tilt the playing field towards bland and generic output

No they haven't. Poland - hardly the most liberal of all the Euro economies - had a go. But there's no such thing as a consensus among the Euro cultural industries.

It's dishonest to imply there is - especially with a link to another Reg piece by the same author, with the implication that it's some kind of authoritative overview, and not just another ranty op-ed.

Some cultural imports from Europe, including dance music, apps, and movies, are not exactly rare in the UK.

The removal of geoblocking by distributors is unlikely to make them less popular.

In any case there's 20bn on the table, and it's utterly surreal to be arguing that this is a bad thing for the region's tech industries - especially when there's nothing even remotely similar being proposed in Westminster.

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