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@Thorne Konots 1 - Yes, I did write that, I live on Earth and posted that comment here too.

So where do you live, as there are plenty of jobs there? The USA currently has about 5% unemployment. If you're outside the USA, then immigration rules probably make it difficult for this woman, or another USA citizen, to fill those vacancies. If you're inside the USA, then the fact that you have jobs to spare indicates there is some other barrier to people moving there. Labour is not freely mobile - just going for a job interview requires travel time.

Now, what hasn't been contested is that Yelp is paying less than a living wage for the location of its business. How is it able to do that? If labour was freely mobile and followed the law of supply and demand, it would start loosing employees until it increased its wages or went out of business. But labour doesn't follow the law of supply and demand because people don't like starving, so they will take a second job to fill-in the shortfall, further increasing supply and pushing wages down further, increasing unemployment. Or, they could decide to not pay their rent, depriving their landlord of the market rent, but, why does that matter, it'll take them months to evict them, and start stealing food, how would that be different from Yelp's wage policy. Yelp is taking advantage of their dominant position to exploit their employees.

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