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"And, as I would have predicted had I not given El Reg posters the benefit of doubt, the replies offer no word of criticism against the policy itself."

Because The Register is our go-to site for discussing restaurant wage and hour policy? I would be happy to see the policy change, and if flip to the back of the NY Time Sunday Magazine from a couple of weeks ago, you'll find a brief interview with a restaurant owner who has changed it. As for criticism, I'd need to know whether we are talking about diner crews on the early shift, who get tipped in change, or the staff in high end restaurants, who often do quite well. As an American, I am accustomed to reckoning the cost of the $x dinner as $(x * 1.2), and I feel slightly embarrassed in Europe where one does not leave a tip. I guess that if turn about were fair play, I could lecture the Europeans on this, but really I don't care.

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