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Just a question here.

But there's people commenting I had to work hard and had shitty conditions so should you?

Is that it then is that how we should see us as society getting on? We should actually wish the next generation has it as tough as us? or tougher? Shouldn't we try and improve to the point people aren't struggling. I mean I thought that was the whole idea of us inventing the wheel, mastering fire and getting out of fucking caves was for.

Should I feel lesser because I did not have to live with the risks of Polio like my parents? should they be proud of the fact people ended up in iron lungs, whereas us wasters are a sign of the decay of civilisation because someone tried to make things better?

Do your parents criticise you because you don't get black lung, because you decide to become someone who works in an office 9-5 rather than 12 hours in the pit?

Fuck me, part of the reason I became an engineer was because I thought it might do something useful. I looked into improving artificial limbs for my dissertation. Now it turns out I was actually enabling a bunch on disabled whiners who should have been happy with their hooks just like grandad did.

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