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What kind of ignorant attitude is that? Kieren Mcarthy deliberately injected anti Trump rhetoric into this article (Right in the headline) in an effort to create click bait and accomplishing his task, Charles Manning responds in kind as is his right.

You, on the other hand; has to attack Manning for simply expressing his opinion. Leaving Obama out of it for the moment....

Only the left leaning feel they have the sole right to comment in their widdle "safe space" and that no one else is allowed to comment or lampoon their "beliefs". Only the left feel the need to be "guiltless".

You're all as guilty as hell for your inability to comprehend what makes small businesses work that's for sure!

The fact is that a $15 minimum wage would put most of the mom and pop shops out of business. As this young foolish lady is complaining she already does not make enough money, what part of the new minimum wage will be eaten up in ludicrous cost increases?

Where do you people think money comes from? Where do you think payroll comes from? Are you all as ignorant as socialist Christoph? Does money grow on trees? Did you think Obama is blameless in this? It is his failed policies that created the demand for Donald Trump.

Better get used to calling him President Trump!

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