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"the business prospers, and it seems there are enough people out there to rotate, continuously."

So your saying the business offers a wage (a low one) and people choose to take it. While the business could raise the wage and if it wanted to seem lovely etc then it might, but it sounds like that doesnt matter to them as the business is profitable. But it is only profitable because people choose to work there. And they do...

As you said the smart people (or the ones who care about something else maybe) choose to work there, and that is the target audience for the job vacancies. The worker gets what they want (or they wouldnt take the job) and the business gets what it wants (a low paid employee).

If this doesnt check your boxes then you are better off changing jobs or moving some place cheaper and changing jobs. This is the same insanity of paying people welfare to do the low paid jobs in london. Move to where you can afford like the rest of us and funnily london will start to pay what is required to get the jobs done (if it is worth it to them). Otherwise the situation wont change.

As for the behaviour of Yelp that is concerning. Especially if factually incorrect reviews are allowed to mess with innocent people.

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