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I feel for her but she knows what she has to do, talk to Marcus and get a job at CVS. Apparently she's done that before so could presumably do it again and would then have $6 in her pocket. Of course she doesn't want to do that because she sees CVS as a dead end job, teaching as a cliche and she had hoped to chase her media dream.

This is not a story about someone trapped in a sub-minimum wage job (though there are plenty of those and we should worry about them). This is a story about someone who is educated, fit and mobile who has decided to place herself in this position because she thinks she is too good to be a teacher and far too good to work at CVS or CIA and feels she has more to offer. There's nothing inherently wrong with that but if it turns out she doesn't have more to offer then that's not the world's fault, it's just reality.

Chasing your dream is great but

a) not being able to afford food is natures way of reminding you of the heirarchy of needs, maybe worry about that first.

b) maybe she wouldn't be that good at it. I wouldn't hire someone with this level of judgment to manage my company's social media.

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