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unfortunately, your view that "if people don't take such shitty job then employers would be forced to increase the wages" - this is great (no sarcasm) but it doesn't work like that in real world. There are enough young, naive, hopeful and yes, hopeless and helpless "cases" around to feed those very jobs. And scummy employers know about it and exploit it VERY WELL. It takes some people no time to figure out it's a no-no job, and they don't start. It takes others a week in a new job. It takes still others a year, or more. And there are those (see hopeless and helpless) who'll stay behind forever (or until they're bled dry or exhausted, physically and mentally). Or unless they get un-employed by their caring employer.

I'm looking at my own case, used to work in a retail shop in the 90s. It was a business started from the shed, originally, and grew to a network of shops across the country, but it was still run by original owners. They paid shitty wages, but they offered something in return: heavy discounts (granted, trade prices were offered by manufacturers, but the owners didn't mind). Actually, they even offered some company backed mortgage loans. And, most of all, they offered reasonable "fun" within the working environment. People accepted this trade and we had some great characters in store, and as there was no hard pressure on "sales tactics", customers flocked, because they knew we'd be reliable in our views. Then the business was sold to a... something, somebody with an idea of how a profitable business "should" be run, and the staff felt the noose tightening, because for steadily growing amount of work with steadily decreasing number of staff (see the pattern there), there was _nothing_ to compansate that, obviously not better wages, and certainly no more fun at all. So those quick and brainy ones left within months, others lingered for longer, the business got sold to a bigger business, now an equity, I suppose, and the noose was so tight that hardly anybody who'd accepted "shitty wages for fun exchange" bothered to stay on. But did they have to shut down because of lack of staff? Nosir, there were always new people, hopeful, naive, aspiring, call them what you like, and once they got employed, some wisened up quickly, others lingered on, and they're, I saw the other day, STILL stuck, and, the business is indeed very profitable (opening new shops, etc). No more fun, still shitty wages, and the staff don't give a flying monkey and know just as much, but boy, the noose is so tight, they don't even squek. All smartly dressed, all with the right sales pitch, and the right manners, but they know shit and I'd never trust their "opinion", because they're there to flog the most expensive tat. And it does work (well, not for them!) - the business prospers, and it seems there are enough people out there to rotate, continuously.

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