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*know-it-alls not know-at-alls

*To all those writing, not necessarily on this site, that Talia Jane ''shouldn't have moved to California'' or to ''move back to wherever you came from, little girl'': Talia Jane is a California native. She relocated from one California city to another for work. She went where she found a job and accepted it as a foot in the door, to work from the ground up. Yelp recruiters told her the Customer Service Rep position would be an easy way into the Media Team job she was hoping for. This wasn't/isn't so. What you get hired for is usually what you're stuck with when applying for work in Silicon Valley - that's why there's such a high turnover throughout Silicon Valley companies. Complaining is severely frowned upon. Getting `Blacklisted` is real thing in Silicon Valley. If you don't like something the billionaires have decreed, tough luck. Most don't want to rock the boat so they just find another company or position they hope will be better.

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