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> "Talia Jane has no gratitude or humility."

An ad-hominen attack, yet her points are valid regardless of who said them. You might not like what she says, but you don't question its truthfulness.

Yelp pays under a living wage for the location, and tries to silence anyone who might give away the game to new recruits/suckers. Its defender attack her for saying it, but not its substance.

Charity from relatives is really a subsidy from the relative to Yelp. Do you think your mum wants to support you forever Stefanie? Perhaps you should get a proper job and stop being a burden on her before she gets too old?

The fix for low wages is publicity. This is what she did. Good on her. Yelp sucks, we get it.

> "The only people who should know what you make should be you and your boss"

A free market requires full knowledge. So discussions like this encourage people to avoid Yelp jobs and seek jobs with better paying companies &/or in cheaper locations. She did good by revealing the numbers.

Requiring wage secrecy is the opposite of a free market.

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