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"The point isn't "we had to do it, so shouldn't you".... the main point, IMHO is "we had to do it and we learned something in the process, so there's a reason you should to".

When you don't go though the hard times and struggles, you don't have the gratitude, humility or appreciation for what took to get through them."

Ah yes, the 'it's an education' argument (when all we really learned was that people are utter bastards, noodles have practically no nutritional value, and debt collectors are real bastards), combined, uniquely, with the 'it's good for you' argument (when all it did was force us to do horrible things and deal with horrible people). Of course, this education isn't compulsory. You only have to get that education if you're poor to begin with.

Well, thinking about it, you might be right. Because we came out the other side of that fairly decent people with empathy. You obviously didn't, so if you actually experienced poverty - which you probably didn't - then the lesson doesn't take all the time. What your experience taught you was that you should act like a complete c... arpet bagger to anyone who has the audacity to demand a good standard of treatment in the place they spend half their waking lives.

You're obviously not someone who had a job at 17 paying £1.50 an hour because Thatcher thought that'd be good for businesses, are you. You're apparently so ignorant you can't tell the difference between the legal minimum and what someone has to earn in order to actually be able to live - the difference between a minimum wage, which is what Talia Jane gets, and a living wage, which is what Talia Jane needs in order to eat and pay bills.

If gratitude or humility are basically you saying that she needs to suck up to the likes of you while you're treating her like crap and expecting her to take it, then you can stick them.

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