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"we had to do it, we learned something in the process, so there's a reason you should to[o]".

Sure thing, like my parent's generation had to deal with polio and, you know, what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger. Pity if it kills you though. Or cripples you for life. Comparing the experience of one generation to the next is meaningless. I bought my first house for less than 3x my annual income. If my kids go into the same industry at today's prices their first, equivalent, house will be 6-7x their income. My kids aren't going to be faced with the same challenges that I was faced with, they are being faced with more than twice the challenge that I had to deal with. How is that fair? If someone in that situation complains, it's not being 'self entitled' it's being aware that they are getting screwed.

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