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"One piece of software that once developed can be trivially changed for the next Iphone 5C ID the next time the feds come knocking."

And that's FUD, for if you worry about making any change as a possibility of causing a future cascade effect, then nothing would get done. And yes, that includes making the laws that you worry about in the first place, the laws that (gasp! horror!) allow a functional society in the first place.

Again, and I'll repeat it because you missed it, you never had the right to absolute privacy in the first place. And look! You still have some - being carefully whittled away by private enterprise, when you quite willingly GIVE your private data to companies when you use their products at your convenience.

Do you worry that Visa/MasterCard has more information on you than your government: knowing your travel habits, your buying habits and therefore YOUR PRECISE LOCATION every single time you use that card?? No, you didn't, did you? You just whipped it out...while complaining about how much government intrudes into your life.

Most people who complain about how much government is around them are the very same people who broadcast their family photos to strangers on Facebook, announce their personal activities and tastes on Twitter, allow their credit card companies to know just about every basic activity in their lives by buying every £4 latte with it, and chat personal and financial dealings using their smartphone. They are a veritable spewing volcano of personal information to private enterprise...but then then worry exclusively about their government.

The same government that is bought and paid for by those private enterprises.

So where is the true power, and who should you be worried about?

Think about it.

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