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That's very interesting, isn't it? The FBI had the phone and only had to ask the owner, San Bernardino County, for the password to its backed up data.

They did, and got access to to the phone's iCloud backup, what could be easier?

Buuuut, the phone may have data that was entered after the last backup... no prob, update the backup.

Buuuut, they can't do that, since the FBI very cleverly changed the backup password first, and now the phone can't sync with it's stored data... Smooth move Exlax!

So now they insist that Apple give them a gateway into the phone's data that they locked themselves out of.

And the $64,000 question is; Is the FBI actually that incompetent that they locked themselves out of the data they wanted and need help getting it (highly probable), or are they acting for some TLA that wants Apple to build a way to get into secured iPhones in the future without pestering the court system (also highly probable)?

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