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Alleged Anonymous hacker rescued off Cuba by Disney cruise ship

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These are treacherous times. Distinguishing between someone doing it for social justice or for monetary gain isn't the way laws work or at least should work. Those of us in IT should understand the dangers and headaches of anyone attacking the systems we're paid to protect.

I fully agree, but that also makes the folly of what the FBI is presently trying to pull with Apple all the more dangerous. In this case you can really say "think about the children". The problem we have is that the authorities are no longer perceived to be protecting the population but harming it because they happily break the rules during their efforts to make the population stick to them, and that has consequences, especially if it takes mass protests and riots to see ANY correction in that behaviour.

Let's take the life expectancy of a black person in certain cities as a good example, even when innocent - even with data deliberately not recorded the remaining statistics were so out of whack with the national mean that it should have rung alarm bells long before the population took to rioting to get ANY kind of correction. Like with terrorism, they have the massive budget, the legal power and the data but they missed what was right in front of them.

Besides, if Anonymous really wants to draw attention to mishaps (which is in itself not a bad aim, but given the damage they cause has the more the vomity smell of an excuse), they could prod at systems where that could cause less damage. Given that all those agencies do squat all with the data they acquire, maybe a better place to hack? Oh, no, that would be taking an actual *risk* - not so brave warriors after all then...

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