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US DoJ files motion to compel Apple to obey FBI iPhone crack order

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No, not really

The "old laws" that you speak of were quite specific: no unreasonable search and seizure unless warranted by court order or mitigating circumstances.

The government went through all proper procedures to gain the right to ask Apple to bypass the auto-kill feature. They have known assailants, known accomplices, known criminal activities, directly attributable evidence, went through court procedures to request unlocking in front of a judge, followed the case through all legal steps necessary to attain the right.

THAT is what the "Old Laws" says you have to do.

You think that, because you're Neu Tek and Oh, So Special!, that the laws don't apply to you...nor, to this case. But they DO.

There is **EVERY** reasonable statement that what the government is looking to do in this case is precise in definition, limited in scope to this case alone and within the powers both granted them and necessary to uphold justice and impose punishment on the guilty.

I'm sorry that you think that the use of your Shiny is out of bounds of all legal ramifications. Privacy is long as you play by the rules. For the government to ask for the privacy of highly suspected criminals to be denied is within all legal precedence and is arguably protecting us (as long as that is the limit! Each case on its own merit, no blanket declarations allowed).

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