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I like it how the ESC brings people from all kinds of countries together...

... in order to complain about it.

But on a more technical note. If you watch the early ones from the 1950s you can sense what a technical achievement this was. After all it originally was meant as a tech demo, showing that trans European programme exchange was possible, despite of countries having vastly different TV standards and no satellites or VTRs being available. Back then recording a TV show meant pointing a film camera to a monitor. Getting a video image from Germany (626 lines) to France (819? lines) meant pointing a video camera pointing at a monitor (and some trickery to get them synchronised).

In fact in the 2nd contest, the first entry had to be repeated as the Eurovision network broke down. And in the end, when the votes were phoned in, you could actually hear the distance on the telephone with some countries being barely readable.

BTW there's some rather cool stuff given out by the EBU for free. For example they have a technical phasebook, listing the words for expressions like "disk access time" or "interlacing artefact" in several languages.

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