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Eurovision Song Contest uncorks 1975 vote shocker: No 'Nul point'!


I don't think so...

In the article it suggests that the new voting system will address the following 3 issues:

1. "Runaway winners, where a winner has been clear for 20 minutes and final votes that are counted don’t matter because the acts cannot statistically close the gap."

They already have a system which calculates the best order to announce votes so as to prolong revealing the result. The new voting system won't affect that.

2. "Nul points: the unenviable position, enjoyed by Norway and Le Royaume-Uni, where one act gets, er, nothing."

The new voting system doesn't address that at all. If no-one likes a song it still won't get any votes although the chance of that happening is reduced.

3. "Regional voting: where voting blocks are formed based on regional loyalties or simmering regional resentments, producing decades of finals in just one place: Baku."

I don't see how this issue is addressed either. Its quite likely that the general public of a country will hold the same loyalties/resentments as the jury.

The only thing I can see it actually doing is removing the possibility that the Jury can override the outcome of the public vote which is fine by me :)

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