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Eurovision Song Contest uncorks 1975 vote shocker: No 'Nul point'!

Andy The Hat Silver badge

no nurl pwunt?

Not quite sure how public voting will guarantee neel zero pwunto.

According to Eurotosh there are still about 194 countries in Europe (obviously including Australia and half of Asia) and not all the songs will be up tho their normal, brilliant standard and deserving of marks.

Aha! just worked it out! There'll be internal 'select a candidate' country competitions then regional quarters/semis/finals then continental quarters/semis/finals then the full Euro-thing but only for the final ten teams to guarantee points ... The competition can be stretched out to about six months of abject pain, rake in loads of 'telephone voting by Mr and Mrs Gullible' dosh, and have so many "the winner is ... ... ... ..."

"... ... ... ..."

ffs ... get on with it!

"... ... ... ..."

trailers ...

that everyone will be sick of the hype before it starts ...

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