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I was at a company(small company maybe ~100 employees) that had outsourced tier 1 ops to HCL about 6 years ago. They were quite basic(runbook stuff only). The VP of technology was so cheap they eventually started their own india office for various things and tried to hire folks over there, I remember one person they hired never showed up for the job, another person they hired was installing key loggers on the computers. Their "DBA" for SQL server didn't even know enough to use the little slider bar in SQL server admin to increase the available memory on the server, the systems had something like 16GB but was only configured for a very tiny amount.

The company refused to pay for anything resembling quality people over there. Eventually I left and there has been several rounds of management since. My former co-workers in the HQ where I was at actually asked to be laid off several years ago, they got their wish. Surprised the company is still around really.

Oh and if I hear the phrase "do the needful" one more time I will kill someone.

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