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Is this the last ever Lumia?

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Re: Changing name into "Surface" won't make it any better.

Lol, far more secure than Android. You really did fall for the hype.

Given over a billion Android phones in daily use, don't you think you would see problems for real, not just READ about them on the internet? It's quite clear to me you don't understand how the internet works..

@ac. Nokia Here Mao's is available for free, for Android too and supports offline maps. It's not even Nokia Here maps anymore, that was sold off too (to automotive consortium)

A very large German company I know beginning with S, they have a windows phone story, users have them as a corporate deal, they are universally hated, mostly useless, and almost all users have real phones too....

If you want to know where all the phone shop back room unsold landfill goes, look to large corporate deals. I'm sure one guy got a big bonus saving the company money on phones, but there is more to the story.. Far more...

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