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Re: Would be no different if Samsung had been Windows Phone, Strategic Partner.

> No, I'm making the assumption and assertion that Nokia was such a badly managed, dysfunctional company

And yet they were number 1 in their field.

> with invalid technical direct and no sense of marketing direction

The proof of that is they chose Windows Phone.

> Nokia killed itself, with competing divisions selling into the same market with competing products and competing operating systems, with no interusability.

Nokia addressed several market sectors and many different countries. These had different needs that were met by different products. It also had several different development teams to ensure that it could change direction when required. The N9 showed that it got it right - but this, and others, were squashed by Microsoft before they became more popular than WP. Even the final throw of 'Nokia X' (Android) seemed to outsell WP where available.

> ANY external management structure, even Microsoft's would be an improvement.

And yet it was Microsoft's Elop that led directly to destruction.

> Microsoft have got it down to one range

By killing off everything that wasn't Microsoft's regardless of whether customers wanted it. In the end Microsoft will go one better.

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