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As ever, I like my 650 and will probably keep it for a while yet, but wouldn't mind something similar with a bit better spec. Particularly the details they seem to have dropped to get the price too low. I don't want a Google spy or an over priced Apple. But when Microsoft bring out new models they all seem to be in the rock bottom, landfill part of the market. There just doesn't seem to be any mid-range, good enough for an ordinary user who wants all the usual features and doesn't need shiny shiny i.e a usable, fully functioning smartphone for everyday general use.

My 650 pretty much does this. But they took out too many important features, like a front facing camera, a light and something that shows it's charging when it's plugged in on standby. So I'd welcome an improved alternative.

And Windows 10 will not be what induces me to get a new Lumia - absolutely not

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