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What's going on at MS ?

I'm pretty sure exactly no one is waiting for this. Unless they wanted to create their own 'LandFill' line, they have succeeded in getting absolutely nothing right with this effort.

Even the spin they tried to sell the 950 on (continuum) is missing. Acer was making these things (bar Win10 of course) 2 years ago. Only better. And they were crap too.

I expect that inside of 6 months we will be reading the news that MS has gotten out of the mobile Phone business completely, and find out they were only using the last Lumia's as test mules for Winpho 10. Which, by this time, will have gained absolutely no traction from their partners and will have been shelved as well. I seriously doubt the much vaunted surface Phone will ever see the light of day.

Note to Mr. Nadella

If, in a future near of far, you feel an uncontrollable urge to separate MS for a few million USD, shoot me a mail and I'll give you my bank account number. You'll be rid of your money a lot faster, and you won't even have to spend any time developing useless gadgets or software. A great step in efficiency if ever I saw one.

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