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I have been reliably informed by someone who's good at reliably informing me of programming things in general that Prolog, like everything else in the computational universe, is just a subset/bastardization of LISP.

That said, I've used Prolog for a couple of live applications. Provided its the kind of logic (or list classification) problem that's suitable for this language and provided you don't go off the deep end trying out the latest fad in Theoretical Prolog its actually pretty neat -- you get quite a compact, fast, solution to your problem. I'd like to do more of it but unfortunately my work is in real time computing where even with the latest 'n greatest hardware we really can't afford the overhead and indeterminate nature of a lot of programming languages and techniques.

As for JavaScript -- someone mentioned it, didn't they? -- this is an example of a language that should have been strangled at birth. Its got just about everything wrong with it (and if you don't believe me try running a typical website with Firebug active -- its a rare website that doesn't have coding errors these days, its just that this language deals with this problem by not bothering to tell you)(and the programmers aren't motivated to look -- what was that about "firing concrete covered bricks at a wall to build it" again?)

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