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"grumpy waiting for a British Gas visit"

That would be the Brutish Hash who made a song and dance in their TV adverts about coming out on Saturdays - and then told customers that they couldn't have callouts or boiler inspections on Saturdays.

Also the same British Hash who came out the next working day to diagnose my boiler as "broken", then left it unfixed for 3 weeks, during a particularly cold March. The excuse given was lack of parts, however the manufacturer claimed to be holding large numbers of everything for the model (including the pump which had expired)

The best way you can deal with British Gas gas is to take your business elsewhere, in the same way that the best way to save 65% off your Tesco car insurance is to go somewhere else. They won't negotiate and they don't care. Both are the TalkTalk/EE of their fields.

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