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This is one of my bugbears

caller : can I take some details for data protection please?

me: You rang me.... why don't you tell me who you want and I'll tell you if you're correct

caller: I'm afraid I can't give out that information

Me: Oh well...

Caller: So if I could just take your name ?

me: You rang me.....

Caller : I can give you another number to call

me: You rang me, why would I ring the other number you've given me?

So on and so forth.

There's also the birthday variation...

caller : can I take your DOB please?

me: you rang me, why don't you tell me what you've got and I'll confirm if its right or wrong

caller: I'm not allowed.... blah blah blah

I almost feel sorry for them TBH, they're just trying to do their jobs

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